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    The international database Scopus includes over 30,000 journals, about the same number of publications included in the Web of Science. Targeted selection of journals for each individual article, as one of the stages of scientific publication, is a filigree process, since despite the huge number of publications, there are a number of other criteria that are important for a scientist.

    Let’s take a look at this issue.

    Journal selection criteria

    Picking up a journal indexed in the Scopus database, you must follow the following parameters:

    – compliance with the subject matter of scientific articles (e.g. Medicine), and subject category (e.g. Surgery or Dermatology);

    – quartile (the Q1 is the highest, the Q4 is the lowest) is the index reflecting the first level of citation, meaning, the relevance of the journal in the scientific world;

    – SJR or the impact factor which is a citation index calculated on the basis of the annual number of references to articles published in the journal over the previous two years;

    – H-index (citation index of the journal);

    – other wishes of the author, for example, country of issue, percentile or other parameters.

    The selection of journals included in the Web of Science takes into account the following criteria:

    – there is also a division of journals by quartiles (Q1-Q4);

    – impact factor;

    – citation indices: Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Emerging Sources Citation Index.


    At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the impact factor is calculated only in those journals that are included in the first two indices – SCIE and SSCI.

    A&HCI journals do not have an impact factor, because they publish articles on art, culture and other humanitarian sciences, which cannot be measured with digital indexes.

    The journals of the ESCI index also do not have an impact factor due to the fact that this is an index of new sources. Later, when journals ESCI are reassessed, they are placed in SCIE or SSCI and then the impact factor started to be calculated based on them.

    Our team of professionals will help to cope with these and many other difficulties associated with the publishing process.

    Order Targeted magazine selection

    You can leave a request for the process of selecting a journal for your article company works with all the journals that are officially included in the international databases Scopus and WoS. In addition, we have agreed on partnership conditions with a number of scientific publications, which give priority to the articles we submit for review and further publication.

      In order, to carry out targeted selection of journals, our experts perform the following steps:


      Caring out an article auditing, analyzing its structure and thematic focus.


      Individual work is carried out with the author of the scientific material to agree on all the parameters of the future publication: taking into account the requirements specified in the regulatory documents, as well as the requirements of the university, those parameters of the journals are recorded, the publication in which the author will be counted for his scientific purposes.



      Perform a search for publications in compliance with requirements agreed with an author.


      A personal manager of our company is appointed, providing full information support at all stages of work.

      How much can such a service cost?

      The cost is formed individually based on several factors:

      – The level of difficulty of the work on the article, the quality/lack of structure, etc.

      – Your requirements for indicators of publications (quartile, H-index, restrictions on countries publishing the journals, etc.)

      – Publication fee to the editorial office

      – Time limitations

      After conducting a preliminary audit of your article, our managers will announce the final cost of the academic translation to you without any hidden or additional fees.

      What you will get in the process of cooperation with our company:

      – Saving your valuable time

      – Calmness and confidence in achieving the result – publication and indexing of your work in the international Scopus database

      – Quality and confidentiality guarantee

      – Work in the legal field, all your rights are protected by an agreement

      – Compliance with predetermined deadlines

      – Control of journals (we monitor the parameters of publications and do not submit articles to those that fall into the risk zone).

      E-SCIENCE.SPACE is a company that has united professionals working in the field of scientific publications for more than 5 years who have tremendous experience in publishing articles in international journals and understand all the specifics of the work. We are well-known, recognizable, recommended. And we know how to make a cooperation with us not only fruitful but also pleasant for you.

      Consultation in a convenient format for you

      Live in the office, on the phone
      via email, messenger