Publishing Scientific Articles in HAC Journals: Costs, Deadlines, and Publication Assistance

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    What are HAC Journals?

    Publication of scientific articles in HAC refers to the process of publishing materials in journals that are included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC). The list of HAC scientific journals covers leading periodicals that meet high scientific criteria and regularly publish research results from experts in various fields of knowledge.

    What are the HAC Publication Deadlines?

    Urgent publication in a HAC journal can take varying amounts of time depending on the specific publication and its editorial policies. On average, the process of publishing articles in HAC journals takes from 2 to 6 months, but some publications offer accelerated deadlines for authors who need to urgently publish their work.

    What difficulties can be encountered during publication?

    Publication in HAC may have some challenges, including:

    • Strict requirements for the formatting of articles.
    • The need to meet high scientific criteria for publication.
    • Limited access to some journals due to competition among authors.
    • Publication costs that may be prohibitive for some researchers.

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      Stages of Publication IN HAC

      The process of publishing scientific articles in HAC consists of the following stages:


      Selecting a journal from the list of HAC scientific journals that matches the research topic and author requirements.


      Preparing the article according to the journal’s requirements, including formatting, structure, and bibliographic references.


      Submitting the article to the journal’s editorial board for review and evaluation.


      Awaiting the editorial board’s decision on whether to accept or reject the article.


      Making revisions and improvements to the article based on reviewers’ recommendations, if necessary.


      Approving the final version of the article and its publication in the respective journal.

      What can be the cost of HAC publications?

      The cost of publication in a HAC journal can vary depending on the publication and its rating, as well as additional services offered to authors. Costs can range from free publications in some journals to several thousand dollars per article in high-ranking publications.

      Assistance in HAC publication may include consultations on journal selection, preparation and editing of the article, and support in communicating with the editorial board. The cost of such services depends on the complexity of the work and the scope of necessary actions and can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

      Contact us for support and assistance in publishing HAC scientific articles

      If you are looking for help in publishing scientific articles in HAC journals, our specialists and consultants are ready to provide you with high-quality support and professional recommendations at every stage of the publication process. We offer comprehensive services, which include:

      1. Selecting the most appropriate journal from the list of HAC scientific journals for your research.
      2. Editing and proofreading your article to enhance its scientific quality and compliance with the publication requirements.
      3. Preparing the necessary documentation and tracking the publication process, so you can focus on your scientific work.
      4. Providing support and consultations regarding responses to reviewers’ feedback and the editorial board.
      5. Reviewing and analyzing opportunities to reduce the cost of HAC publications, including searching for relevant grants and financial support.

      By collaborating with us, you will receive qualified assistance and support in publishing your scientific work in the appropriate HAC journals. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the publication process, we can ensure the best results and make your publication successful and compliant with HAC requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve scientific success.

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