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    What is Web of Science?

    Web of Science (WoS) is the world’s most authoritative multidisciplinary platform comprised of multiple literature search databases designed to support scientific research. It is a carefully curated collection of high-quality scientific content from 1900 to the present day. We can safely say that WoS is the most reliable source of data, because they index all articles and all cited references from each journal to create the most complete data structure.

    Thanks to its comprehensive coverage, this database has become an indispensable resource for the study of science, technology and other fields of knowledge allowing for breakthroughs that would not have been possible without its use. Your research can also make a significant contribution to the development of science, increase your importance as a scientist in the world scientific community.

    WoS indexes

    The core of the platform is the Web of Science Core Collection database, which includes the following citation indices:

    – Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) – advanced science citation index, covering more than 9200 journals in 178 scientific disciplines (natural and industrial science);

    – Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) – social sciences citation index, which includes more than 3400 world journals in 58 disciplines of social sciences;

    – Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) – citation index in the field of arts and humanities, has more than 1800 world journals in 28 disciplines;

    Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) − an index of citation of new sources, covering more than 7,800 journals in 254 disciplines.

    Also, the Web of Science Core Collection includes two conference materials citation and two book citation indexes.

    The publication of a scientific article in the WoS journal

    The publication of a scientific article in the WoS journal, as well as in the Scopus, is necessary to achieve the following goals:

    – acquiring the scientific title or degree;  

    – dissertation dependence; 

    – increasing the chances of winning a research grant;

    – an increase in the citation index, etc.

    But what is the difference between publishing in Scopus and WoS?

    The WoS database appeared earlier than the Scopus, but there is already much more material published in Scopus than in WoS. This is due to the fact that the Scopus uses sources of publications from all over the world, while WoS leans towards more reliable sources, in particular, American ones.

    Given the high level and quality of the WoS journals, the requirements for published material in them are much higher. The submitted article should not only have the correct structure and design, it should have a scientific novelty, research that solves the actual problem.

    Therefore, when choosing a database for publication, a scientist, first of all, is guided by the task that they have set for themselves, as well as by the specifics of the research and scientific direction.

    Whichever platform you choose to publish your research on, our team will always help you to achieve your goal.

    Order a publication in WoS

    Submit your article for a preliminary evaluation with instructions for publication requirements and databases, and our managers will provide you with individual information on your request.

      Considering the many years of experience of our specialists, has developed a comprehensive service "Publication in the WoS Journals" for you, which includes the following steps:


      Audit of the article and its verification for uniqueness


      Correction of the structure of a scientific article and its design according to the requirements of journals


      Academic translation into English and final proofreading of the text


      Selection of journals for submission


      Submission of a scientific article and further correspondence with the editors


      Publication and indexing of an article in the WoS database


      Full support by a personal manager and informing you about all stages of publication.

      How much can such a service cost?

      The cost is formed individually based on several factors:

      – The level of difficulty of the work on the article, the quality/lack of structure, etc.

      – Your requirements for indicators of publications (quartile, H-index, restrictions on countries publishing the journals, etc.)

      – Publication fee to the editorial office

      – Time limitations

      After conducting a preliminary audit of your article, our managers will announce the final cost of the academic translation to you without any hidden or additional fees.

      What you will get in the process of cooperation with our company:

      – Saving your valuable time

      – Calmness and confidence in achieving the result – publication and indexing of your work in the international Scopus database

      – Quality and confidentiality guarantee

      – Work in the legal field, all your rights are protected by an agreement

      – Compliance with predetermined deadlines

      – Control of journals (we monitor the parameters of publications and do not submit articles to those that fall into the risk zone).

      E-SCIENCE.SPACE is a company that has united professionals working in the field of scientific publications for more than 5 years who have tremendous experience in publishing articles in international journals and understand all the specifics of the work. We are well-known, recognizable, recommended. And we know how to make a cooperation with us not only fruitful but also pleasant for you.

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