Profile formation for the editor-in-chief and for the editorial board members

Find out the cost of Profile formation for the editor-in-chief and for the editorial board members

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    Scopus is a leading bibliographic and abstract database that includes journals of various topics. Scientists from all over the world publish their articles in the journals indexed by the Scopus database to achieve their goals: obtaining a scientific title / degree, defending a thesis, applying for a grant, meeting university requirements, increasing the citation index of a scientist, etc.

    What is the profile of the editor-in-chief and editorial board?

    It is necessary for the journal to meet a number of requirements in order to get the application on including publication approved. Failure to comply with at least one point can lead not only to a refusal, but also to a delay in the consideration of a repeated application from a year (with minimal errors) to three or more years.


    Therefore, before submitting an application, it is important to carry out a number of preparatory work in order to bring the publication in line with the high requirements of international databases.

    One of these requirements is the profile of the editor-in-chief and at least two members of the editorial board in the Scopus database. In addition to the number of publications, attention is also paid to their citation. If the works of an editor-in-chief and editorial board members are often quoted, and they have a high index of Hirsch in Scopus, it has a positive effect on the decision to include the journal in the database.

    Our team of professionals will help to cope with these and many other difficulties associated with the publishing process.

    Order the formation of a profile

    You can leave a request for the process of Formation of a profile to the editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board. company has developed a service for the formation of a profile for the editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board, which will quickly and comprehensively bring the profile of authors to the required level.
      This service includes:


      Proposal for the publication of articles in Scopus or WoS on a turnkey basis or in co-authorship.


      Full support of the publications (starting with preliminary assessment of the article up to its indexation in the database).


      Analysis of the increase in the author’s Hirsch index.


      Regular information support by the company’s personal manager about all stages of work.

      In addition to the main mission of maintaining a journal in foreign databases, a good profile in the Scopus has a number of undeniable advantages for authors.

      Thanks to publications in rating journals, the author can claim:

      • Obtaining a scientific title/degree
      • Successful defense
      • Submitting in the grant application and increase your chances of winning
      • Performing the university requirements
      • Increase the index of citation
      • Declare yourself to the entire scientific world and increase your rating as a scientist
      • Invitations from colleagues on cooperation, including foreign ones, on publications in co-authorship
      • Proposals from journals to become a reviewer or join the editorial board
      • Creation of conditions for new and larger researches

      Our company created to assist scientists to gain the international cooperation and bring the development of the country’s science to a qualitatively new level.

      How much can such a service cost?

      The cost is formed individually based on several factors

      After conducting a preliminary audit of your article, our managers will announce the final cost of the academic translation to you without any hidden or additional fees.

      What you will get in the process of cooperation with our company:

      – Saving your valuable time

      – Calmness and confidence in achieving the result – publication and indexing of your work in the international Scopus database

      – Quality and confidentiality guarantee

      – Work in the legal field, all your rights are protected by an agreement

      – Compliance with predetermined deadlines

      – Control of journals (we monitor the parameters of publications and do not submit articles to those that fall into the risk zone).

      E-SCIENCE.SPACE is a company that has united professionals working in the field of scientific publications for more than 5 years who have tremendous experience in publishing articles in international journals and understand all the specifics of the work. We are well-known, recognizable, recommended. And we know how to make a cooperation with us not only fruitful but also pleasant for you.

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