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    What is ISSN/ESSN?

    ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique numeric identifier assigned to the periodical, being a mandatory part of this publication output. It is designed to identify journals, newspapers, weekly and yearbooks, collections, bulletins, newsletters and any other periodicals, both in printed and electronic form.

    For different versions of publications, a separate number is provided: ISSN for the printed version, ESSN for the electronic version, even if the title is the same.

    How do I get an ISSN/ESSN?

    The main criterion for obtaining an ISSN/ESSN number is the periodicity and timelessness of the publication.

    The ID is assigned only once and does not require an annual subscription fee. Only in case of a change in the title of a publication is it necessary to assign a new number.

    Why ISSN/ESSN is needed

    ISSN enables publishers, booksellers, librarians, scientists freely distribute serials, improve search and order for the books, to promote serial to consumers using the worldwide recognized method. Also ISSN is required for barcode production.

    The ISSN barcode is intended for commercial purposes; without it, it is impossible to carry out accounting operations during the supply and sale of publications. In addition, the presence of a barcode increases the prestige of the publication, intensifies the interest of potential customers in it, especially retail chains

    Our team of professionals will help to cope with these and many other difficulties associated with the publishing process.

    Order ISSN / ESSN Registration

    You can leave a request for the ISSN / ESSN Registration process company is engaged in the ISSN/ESSN registration, numbers are assigned by the International Center for periodicals, which is located in Paris, as there is no national ISSN center in Ukraine. Upon registration, the publication is entered into the international data register.

      ISSN/ESSN registration services include:


      Preparation and execution of materials for registration of ISSN/ESSN


      Translation of documents into English (French)


      Sending a package of documents for registration to the ISSN International Center


      Prompt resolution of questions, which can appear during the registration


      Production of barcodes in accordance with the specification of the publication


      Regular information support by the personal manager of our company

      When registering a periodical publication, you are getting the following:

      • ISSN-number, which is included in the world database of periodicals
      • barcode based on ISSN number

      Registration of ISSN/ESSN with our company takes place in the shortest possible time and on optimal conditions.

      Contact the specialists of our company, and they will provide you with all the detailed information on that and other issues in which you are interested.

      How much can such a service cost?

      The cost is formed individually based on several factors.

      After conducting a preliminary audit of your article, our managers will announce the final cost of the academic translation to you without any hidden or additional fees.

      What you will get in the process of cooperation with our company:

      – Saving your valuable time

      – Calmness and confidence in achieving the result – publication and indexing of your work in the international Scopus database

      – Quality and confidentiality guarantee

      – Work in the legal field, all your rights are protected by an agreement

      – Compliance with predetermined deadlines

      – Control of journals (we monitor the parameters of publications and do not submit articles to those that fall into the risk zone).

      E-SCIENCE.SPACE is a company that has united professionals working in the field of scientific publications for more than 5 years who have tremendous experience in publishing articles in international journals and understand all the specifics of the work. We are well-known, recognizable, recommended. And we know how to make a cooperation with us not only fruitful but also pleasant for you.

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