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    What is academic translation and proofreading of a scientific article

    One of the most important criteria for the successful publication of a scientific article in the international journals of the Scopus and Web of Science databases is academic translation into English. Your article may have a scientific discovery, interesting content, be designed in accordance with all existing requirements, however, an incorrect translation can cross out all the advantages of your work at once and it will simply not be accepted for publication with the mark “Poor English”.


    In order to prevent such a nuisance, it is necessary to consider a number of features.

    Academic English is barren and more concise, it does not include such a number of phrases and synonyms that we used in our everyday speech. To avoid repetitions of some words in sentences, we change them to similar ones in meaning, without losing the integrity of the sentence. In academic translation, it is unacceptable, because it can lead to confusion, and the foreign reader simply will not understand what the author means. In scientific articles, it is extremely important that the meaning of each term is clear and unambiguous, since other authors may be guided by your work when conducting their research.

    That’s why each article passes two stages before being considered for publication in the journals Scopus or WoS, namely: Academic translation and proofreading – revision of translated articles by a native speaker, which ensures a successful review of the article and its acceptance for publication in a scientific journal.

    Why is proofreading necessary?

    In fact, proofreading is polishing the translated into a foreign language material to perfection taking into account all the peculiarities and nuances of the language. At the same time, the content of the article does not change, only the style, form and logic of presentation are corrected.


    Examples of typical mistakes and inconsistencies, which are ruled by a native speaker:

    – length of sentences. Our language is replete with phrases and complex constructions, while in English, it is customary to use simple and short sentences. All linking words are removed as unnecessary;

    – excessive use of prepositions and articles that are inappropriate in the English-language text;

    – a typical feature of our speech is the description of the research as the realization of intentions (“analyzed”, “tried”, “wanted”), in English they write about the results (“identified”, “established”, “studied”);

    – correct use of specific terminology.

    Native speaker is a person who easily notices such subtleties and corrects them taking into account the culture of speech of the region where the scientific article will be published and studied by other readers.

    Our team of professionals will help to cope with these and many other difficulties associated with the publishing process.

    Order the service of academic translation

    You can leave a request for the translation process and our specialists will evaluate your work.

      The service “Academic Translation and Proofreading” provided by includes the following stages:


      Audit of a scientific article and verification of its uniqueness


      Editing and design of the article in accordance with the requirements of international journals


      Academic translation of the article into English


      Proofreading of the translated scientific material by a native speaker who has many years of experience working with scientific articles


      Regular informing by the company`s manager about the stages of work

      With the help of our highly qualified translators and proofreaders you can properly convey the meaning of your scientific work to make it clear for foreign readers. Make sure that your article is guaranteed to be published in the Scopus or WoS journals – contact our company’s managers for an individual consultation!

      How much can such a service cost?

      The cost is formed individually based on several factors:

      – The level of difficulty of the work on the article, the quality/lack of structure, etc.

      – Your requirements for indicators of publications (quartile, H-index, restrictions on countries publishing the journals, etc.)

      – Time limitations

      After conducting a preliminary audit of your article, our managers will announce the final cost of the academic translation to you without any hidden or additional fees.

      What you will get in the process of cooperation with our company:

      – Saving your valuable time

      – Calmness and confidence in achieving the result – publication and indexing of your work in the international Scopus database

      – Quality and confidentiality guarantee

      – Work in the legal field, all your rights are protected by an agreement

      – Compliance with predetermined deadlines

      – Control of journals (we monitor the parameters of publications and do not submit articles to those that fall into the risk zone).

      E-SCIENCE.SPACE is a company that has united professionals working in the field of scientific publications for more than 5 years who have tremendous experience in publishing articles in international journals and understand all the specifics of the work. We are well-known, recognizable, recommended. And we know how to make a cooperation with us not only fruitful but also pleasant for you.

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