Pulishing in SCOPUS / WoS

Pulishing in SCOPUS / WoS

We have great news - our offer has been extended!

The beginning of the year is a good time for new beginnings and achievements, which is a positive factor in terms of education. A lot of your colleagues are planning their time for the whole year and starting research in that period.

This offer is for you if:

You don’t have scientific publications in Scopus/WOS yet and you are ready to publish the results of your research and don’t know where to start the publishing process.

You’ve been the author of scientific publications indexed in Scopus/WOS for a long time and feel the need to accompany the publication process of your articles to get professional advice and to save invaluable scientific time that can be used for new research.

You are using publication consulting services and are ready to move to a new modern European approach/level based on ethics, transparency and a higher level of safety.

This year, when you sign a contract for publishing consulting services, you will additionally receive:

Free submission of one publication to the European periodical “Journal of International Legal Communication” during the year for the company account.

E-SCIENCE Space benefits and guarantees:

More than 10 years.

General team experience in publishing consulting.

Own translation office

(experienced translators, editors, native speakers)

Quality audit of the article


Stage payment for services

Close cooperation with SCOPUS / WoS

Modern and reliable anti-plagiarism systems

High-quality audit of the article

Our result is INDEXING your article!

Publish with us at a good price!