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We help scientists to be engaged in science,
not editing.

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We help scientists to be engaged in science, not editing

E-SCIENCE SPACE – consulting company in publication activity field. Company is comprised of the highly qualified specialists working in compliance with principles of academic integrity, international and European quality standards relating to the publication activity support of scientists. Cooperation with European educational institutions, top-ranking specialists, and usage of up to date and flexible approach in managing of projects provides us with opportunity to fulfill excessively complicated publication tasks and fully meet requirements of scientific society relating to acquirement of reliable scientific consulting in scientometric field.

One of the main values of E-SCIENCE SPACE is impeccable business reputation justified by memorandums of partnership concluded with leading educational institutes and bodies and also by recommendations of the specialists of a world-wide repute.

European registration of E-SCIENCE SPACE
It gives ample opportunities for improving communications with world outstanding publications, scientific institutions and organizations. Thereby, scientific cooperation between scholars from all around the world is deepening, besides, continuous exchange of scientific experience, opinions, inventions and etc. is attaining.

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How do we operate?

E-SCIENCE SPACE cooperates with authors and others research community members to generate ideas, spread scientific information, socialize, and provide access to scientific knowledge which helps in solving the greatest problems in the world Company policy is based on a personal fulfillment of taken obligations due to the agreements concluded with each member of research community.

The corresponding concept guarantees our customers confidence in the professional competence of specialists



Preliminary free technical evaluation of scientific material



Publication support



Targeted journal selection



Scientific editing



Preparation of individual cover letters​



Proofreading of academic translation of scientific material​



Direct submission of scientific material to selected journals


Publication support

Correspondence with the editorial staff of the journal, revisions, publication and indexing control

Why are we trusted?

Relationships between E-SCIENCE SPACE and research community members are governed by European legislation, international quality standards reflected in the two-party agreement which secure an author and his rights fully.

E-SCIENCE SPACE workers are experts in scientometric field who constantly improves their qualification and take part in international internship, scientific conferences, professional courses and trainings

E-SCIENCE SPACE company can solve the problem of any complexity in publishing scientific articles in high-ranking journals of 1 and 2 quartiles, which are included in prestigious scientometric databases, such as Scopus/Web of Science

Advantages and guarantees

Protection of intellectual property rights

of uniqueness
and data reliability

Compliance with
principles of
academic integrity

Tracking of publication process in
personal cabinet

Company`s European registration

Compliance with
principles of
academic integrity

Confidentiality guaranteed

and transparency

Our team

Марина Дей

Maryna Dei 
Company`s Founder

Ірина Скляр

Iryna Skliar
Company`s Founder

Cooperation with European educational institutions, world-class professionals and a modern flexible approach to project management allow us to perform complex publishing tasks and fully meet the requirements of the scientific community to provide high-quality scientific advice. One of the main values of E-SCIENCE SPACE is an impeccable professional reputation, as evidenced by memoranda of understanding with leading educational institutions, as well as the recommendations of world-renowned experts.